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All Nifty BottomLine™ prints and digital proofs are inspected for defects before shipping. We guarantee our prints to be free of scratches, processing marks or digital artifacts. We offer no remakes or refunds for color, density or cropping. Our assumption is that you have sent us files for testing and your monitor is calibrated sufficiently so that the files you send us have been adjusted to your satisfaction.

All other work over which we have control will be remade if it does not meet your expectations. Call us if there is a problem with any order you receive.Upon receipt of the unsatisfactory order, we will reprint the work according to your instructions. We reserve the right to issue a credit in lieu of a remake if we determine that we cannot adequately improve on the original prints. Any credit memos issued are applied to your account balance or applied against future orders.Any requests for returns or refunds must be made within 30 days of your receipt of the order.

Prints damaged in shipping will be promptly remade from the original files stored on our servers. Upon receipt of a damaged order you may refuse it if the damage is visible. Notify the carrier of any hidden damage and hold the original packaging. Contact us immediately so that we may reprint the work and file damage claims with the shipper.All damaged shipments must be returned to us within 10 days.