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Our Liability Limits

The submission of any material to us, for any purpose, constitutes an agreement by you that if such material is damaged or lost it will be replaced with an equivalent amount and type of unexposed material and processing. Except for such replacement, the acceptance by us of any material is without any other express or implied warranty or liability and recovery for any further damages is excluded.

Digital Files:
Anyone working with digital files today must know that they are volatile and can disappear without warning. We assume that any digital files submitted to us are copies of files which you retain on hard media such as CD or DVD. Therefore we assume no liability for loss or damage to your original images. All files submitted to us are held in our servers for as much as 90 days after completion of your order. The actual retention time depends on the classification of your work as follows:

  • Nifty orders and all test print files - 30 days
  • Files for all other imaging orders - 60 days
  • Files for our online hosting service - 90 days for each event

Files which are color-corrected, retouched or modified from those you originally submit may be transferred to hard media for an additional fee. If you do not request this archiving service, then we are not responsible for loss of any add-on work associated with your files after deletion from our servers.