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A little information about us...

Conntech Imaging Technology began as a custom color lab in 1973.  We were known as Colonial Custom Photo Services. In 1980, we outgrew our space and purchased the assets of Charles Rachum Studios, a commercial photographer with an in-house lab. We became known as Conntech Photographic Laboratories. In 1992 we moved to Stratford, Connecticut.  The advent of digital imaging in the late 90's led to a decline in our commercial market and we began to service wedding, portrait and event photographers as well. We acquired our Chromira digital printer in 2003 and changed our name to Conntech Imaging Technology. With the rapid decline in wet photolab services, we consolidated our space requirements and relocated our operations to our current location in Milford, Connecticut.

Today we are a full service digital lab but we still maintain some traditional photo services such as black & white film processing, true black & white prints, mounting and laminating. In 2004, we setup our website and began a controlled marketing campaign to expand our services throughout the United States. Our website gave us the capability of becoming an online photofinisher and in the 10 months since we began, online sales average about 30% of our revenue. Whether you are a professional photographer, fine-art photographer, or an advanced amateur, we know you will find us to be a good, reliable partner in printing your photographic images.