There are three ways to submit work to us. You may use FTP software installed on your computer, you may use the ezUpload form on our website or you may send us disks. Your choice of which one to use depends on the type of work you are sending and your average daily workflow.

  • CD/DVD- We suggest disks for events in which you must send us hundreds of megabytes at a time. Our storage servers have finite capacity. CD or DVD submissions allow us to manage your files more efficiently.
  • FTP- Recommended for busy photographers. FTP allows the uploading of entire folders so you may organize your files by job. You should have a high-speed internet connection to minimize upload times.
  • UPLOAD FORM- The upload form on our website lets you to browse through your computer, select files you want us to print and automatically upload them. Although you can only send ten files at a time, you may repeat the upload if you have more. Each file cannot exceed 25MB and each upload batch cannot exceed 55MB. There is also a time-out after 20 minutes. We have tested the form with an internet cable connection and an upload of 52MB transferred in 11 minutes.

We advise new users to submit through our upload form. If it becomes inconvenient for your workflow, we will assign you an ftp folder instead.


All clients must make payment arrangements before work is shipped out. Payment by credit card is preferred. Open credit accounts are permitted on a case by case basis for high volume users. If we have your credit card information on file, we will charge your card and ship immediately.

Please call 203-878-8100 or email us to set up a working account.


Our old upload form is no longer working.

Until we find an appropriate substitute please contact us at 203-878-8100 for
alternate methods.