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WorkStream DS software

Any of the above 8x10 units may be purchased a la carte for $2.95 each

You may build any number of packages consisting of two or more units. Each additional unit added to a package is at a reduced price according to the following schedule:

First unit
Second unit
Third unit
Additional units


All portrait units are color-corrected. Files should be cropped to fit the format or left to our discretion. Package prices apply to each file. There is a $10 minimum charge per order and an order can consist of any number of files.  All units are delivered uncut with an ID tab on the bottom of the unit.

Prom and School Packages

If you shoot an event that has more than 25 images with the exposure, color and cropping consistent from frame to frame, you may select our prom packages. The basic package can consist of two or more units and all files will be printed with the same package. We will color-correct one file and apply those corrections to all files in the order. Files will not be cropped so be sure your subjects will fit in the format you choose. Prices for prom packages are as follows:

Basic package of any TWO units - $2.95

Additional units per package - $1.45