We use both Kodak and Fuji Professional papers in our lab. All proofs and magazine pages are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive lustre paper. All Nifty BottomLine™ prints are made with Fuji lustre or gloss paper. There is a choice of four papers for all other photographic prints: Fuji Crystal Archive Glossy & Lustre, Kodak Supra Endura Lustre or Kodak Endura Metallic Glossy. Each order you submit can only be printed on one type of paper. You cannot combine paper finishes within an order. If you submit via FTP the rules are slightly more flexible. Each folder is considered an order so therefore all folders may be printed on a different paper if you choose. The minimum order charge still applies to each order.

Unlike other labs, we accept odd-sized prints. The cost will be the same as the next largest size that your print drops into. For example, a 7x9 print is priced as an 8x10, a 17x22 print is priced as a 20x24. All prints are made and cut to the exact size you need, no automatic borders are added and there is no need to incorporate them into a standard canvas size.

There is no automatic cropping of any images. We print all the way out to the edges of your files. If you select a print size which does not represent 100% of your image, our software will default to a center crop. We do not normally override a default crop but if we notice that a person or group is cut off, we will try to adjust the live area or call you for instructions.

We don't do any of this...period! Most of our clients are professionals who spend time getting images to look just the way they want. They don't expect some machine to over-sharpen or boost the color. When we are asked to enhance a print for display or for a competition you can be sure it will be done properly.

Each classification of prints have their own file requirements. Generally speaking, all files must be RGB jpg's embedded with your working space profile. All files are held in our servers for a maximum of 90 days.