Instructions for the Demo Wedding

(print out this instruction list and refer to it when viewing the demo gallery)

Click the event list on the connpix homepage and select one of the 4 demo galleries.They are some variations of the same event. The password, if any, is "demo". Passwords are optional for all galleries

All event pages may be customized. This must be done when your gallery is setup. We can add your studio logo to the top left header, we can add frames or drop-shadows around each image and we can change the color scheme of the pages.


This wedding is divided into four sections: Preparations, Ceremony, Candids and Reception. Any number of sections may be chosen. Their names are keyed to the "special instructions" field of the IPTC data. The use of sections is optional. Clicking on the top image of each section opens up the section thumbnails. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the image for viewing.


When you are in view mode, you may order prints and you can also run a slideshow of the section. The default speed is 3 sec but you may override it with the dropdown menu.Unlike other event software you may order prints when you are running the slideshow. If you order something from an image a red frame appears around the thumbnail and you may see what has been ordered from each thumbnail by a mouse rollover. Also when in view mode the transparent "proof" overlay on the image may be lifted with a mouseover.The overlay prevents any right-click printing. Be sure to note the comments dialog box beneath each image. Guests may include remarks or specify special cropping or borders about each image that will accompany the completed order.


Some images may be chosen for the zoomify feature. We think groups would benefit from this, to check individual faces. When you see any image with the word zoom in its filename, e.g. “har321_ba_zoom”, click on any of the +, - or arrow icons and see what happens. You may also drag the image with your mouse. The zoomify feature changes the image into a set of flash tiles which cannot be stored in the browser cache which protects the images from theft. The only disadvantage is that the "zoomified" image is larger in size than the original jpeg, so it is best to reserve its use for selected images.


The product list is completely customizable. You may choose to offer different print sizes at whatever price you want. The reduced price for multiple prints is optional, as is the discount for order volume. There are also special products, which can be assigned only to selected images. See file number har365 of the bride & groom in the candid section to see the 16x20 product added only for this item. Be sure to select several products and then click on the "show cart" button to see the checkout section.


Look through the products and see how the calculations are applied. There are some fields in this section that need to be explained. The coupon code box allows for the entry of a code number on coupons, which may allow discounts and incentives for ordering. If you don't want to use coupons, this feature can be disabled. There is also a comments box, which allows guests to send a little message along with the order. There are two options for ordering: paying online by credit card or sending an email which is then forwarded to the studio for fullfillment.. The credit card option works but there are no funds actually transferred. You may run a "dummy" credit card transaction and see what happens.